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Keynote Presentation Testimonials

You were a real ‘crowd pleaser’ which is quite an accomplishment when you are trying to design and deliver a program that satisfies such a diverse group of Deans, Academicians and Directors. The standard/bar for excellence is so high… these days that only the best of the best seem able to rise to the level of expectations here. Congratulations on being a member of this small and elite group. Since your workshop, many of the participants have commented to me about your ability to put your program in the context of the others in the series and to provide superior and unforgettable instruction on a topic that you are clearly an expert on. The participants were also unanimous about how valuable the program content was in terms of providing them with additional models within which they can more readily appreciate and capitalize on different management styles. Thank you for sharing your exceptional program with us.

Director of HR

Major US Business School

Extremely applicable in all aspects of life. Good framework for demystifying politics and approach. Rick was a dynamo, engaging, effective and knowledgeable, experienced…It was all great, good use of humor. Rick is a fabulous presenter-very engaging!

Various Participants

Institute for Management Studies

The course material, content and delivery were exceptional. The participants from the first session have spread the word that this was one of the best courses they have ever taken. My thanks to Dr. Rick Brandon… for providing such a successful addition to our Management Development curriculum

Client Feedback


It was a pleasure meeting at the Con Edison session! It was a very rewarding session for me. I found out that I’m under political which has led to missed opportunities and insufficient network. I’m looking forward to receiving your book to improve my political tactics. Thank you.


Con Edison

Rick is at the top of his game. He takes the mystique out of office politics and offers many tools on how to approach the issue. In addition to positive comments about his overall model, evaluations mentioned his section on “buzz,” the opinions circulating about you, as especially informative, as well as his section on the “elevator speech. I would have him back in Minneapolis anytime.

Chairperson Feedback

Institute for Management Studies

Everyone at… knows how informative, educational, entertaining, the abundance of knowledge you shared brought to all who attended your presentation of “Organizational Savvy.”…You are brilliant.

Various Participants

Department of Veterans Affairs

Dr. Rick Brandon was a great hit at this year’s MDC worldwide sales meeting. He delivered the message we wanted with total credibility. Our sales people started the session with a healthy degree of skepticism, but soon changed their minds. He is not your “typical” motivational speaker. He brings true-life experiences to his presentation that people can relate to. His sales background allows him to speak from experience that we can all relate to. His ability to remember unique information about all of our people was a great indicator of the quality of his preparation and a key factor in establishing his credibility. I received numerous comments throughout the week from a large number of the participants on the value of the presentation. We all benefited from the presentation both at a professional and at a personal level.

Tony Lima, Senior V.P. Sales and Service

Molecular Devices Corporation

I feel awakened and will strive to become more aware, understanding, tolerant, flexible, and responsive toward the political environment and people with …power…I shall overcome!… The material was enlightening, but more importantly, … you were simply marvelous and I feel fortunate to have met you.

Participant in Organizational Savvy: Avoiding Your Political Blind Spots

Citibank Business Services