Motivating Yourself and Others (1/2-day or 1-day)

This fast-paced clinic helps individual contributors or managers ignite their own motivation and spark engagement, drive, and passion for the job in others. The workshop blends modules from our popular Self-Talk and Self-Motivation and Motivational Tool Kit programs. You'll first discuss general self-motivation tactics and next, you'll explore your current Self-Talk habits and learn eight practical strategies for altering your mindset, attitudes, and performance. The final modules on motivating others are mixed and matched depending on program length and learning needs.

The workshop uses high energy presentations, awareness and discussion activities, and humor to deliver these insights and motivation skills.

Find out more by viewing the Motivating Yourself and Others participant workbook.

Motivating Yourself

  • General Self-Motivation Tactics – Participants complete a self-audit of how they motivate themselves to get out of a rut, stay pumped up, or overcome tough times by reviewing classic Self-Motivation aids.
  • Eight Self-Talk Strategies – The program shows how the stressful world of business demands practical mental techniques to use real time in the field. The course uses sales, humor, sports, and history examples to teach long-range strategies and a “Self-Talk First Aid Kit” for adjusting internal “trash talking” in the moment.
  • The Accountability Mindset – This module helps people to stop adopting a victim and blame-oriented mentality that drains time, energy, and performance. Through a high-energy talk, pairs discussion, and group activity, participants discover the research-proven benefits of practicing ownership and “response-ability” in the face of adversity and workplace obstacles.

Motivating Others

  • Strength-Finding Versus Fault-Finding – This optional module reminds people of the power of positive recognition and provides a strengths-focused experiential activity that pours vitamins into the motivational life of participants.
  • Encouraging High, Positive Expectations – This optional module helps managers to motivate others to tackle tough challenges and overcome discouragement by expressing faith in their capabilities without coming across as fake or insincere.
  • Handling Mistakes to Build a Learner Attitude – This optional module provides another motivational tool by transforming mistakes into teachable moments and sources of managerial support.
  • Fun, Energy, and Humor – This optional module completes the session on a high note by engaging participants in a hilarious cooperative exercise, revealing the workplace benefits of just having fun, and brainstorming ways to realistically inject humor into their back-home jobs.