The Motivational Tool Kit (MTK)

The Motivational Workshop

As manager or supervisor, you know the demands of achieving results through others. You're challenged to make sure your people don't quit and leave -- or worse ... quit and stay!

Your company will benefit from:
  • A more committed and engaged workforce
  • Productivity and performance gains
  • Greater managerial strength and motivational skill
  • Improved morale and spirit
  • Increased employee retention
  • Decreased complaints and grievances

motivational workshop

Program Overview

The Motivational Tool Kit (MTK) is a fast paced energizing 2-day workshop that draws on years of research and best practices in the field of workplace motivation.

This action packed, "edu-training" program will expand your view of motivation beyond conventional methods to equip you with practical methods to use the next workday. The Motivational Tool Kit workbook includes hundreds of innovative ideas from scores of companies.

Workshop Learning Objectives

Part skill-building, part inspiration and part stand-up comedy, this powerful workshop uses interactive presentations, energizing activities, private self-assessments, intensive practices, humor, small-group discussions and action planning to provide you with:

  • A 15-piece tool kit to "fire up" and sustain your team's performance
  • Insight into the pivotal and noble role you play in motivating your people
  • Self-assessment of your Motivational Quotient (MQ) with the MTK personal profile
  • Self-motivation techniques for rekindling your own job energy
  • Assistance in customizing a motivation plan of your direct reports

Preview the Motivational Tool Kit Personal Profile booklet that also outlines the sequentially organized content of this practical course. Each of the 15 MTK modules features a dynamic presentation, activity and/or skill-building practice, self-assessment on key behaviors, best practices ideas from other companies, and action planning.