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Welcome to the Organizational Savvy Blog

Welcome to our SAVVY BLOG, where Brandon Partners CEO and best selling author Dr. Rick Brandon will share ideas and advice on navigating organizational politics with integrity, influence, and impact for enhanced individual and enterprise success. You’ll learn strategies like Rick describes on this page’s video about Managing the Corporate “Buzz,” only in blog fashion from Rick and other thought leaders on this cutting edge competency for today’s organizations.

We will be offering several categories of posts such as Leadership or Diversity Implications of Savvy, further application insights about the 13 Savvy Skills taught in our workshops and online assessments, insights derived from participants, Intact Teams’ special usages of Savvy principles, multi-media resources and reading suggestions, and other useful material to help you navigate the political landscape.

We’re excited that this SAVVY BLOG will be a team effort with posts authored by Rick, along with some of our trainers, coaches, and strategic alliance partners. Visit often and subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed here–or sign-up to receive posts directly to your inbox by adding your email to the form located in the middle of the sidebar on the right, or on our Home Page.

We will be posting archived content, as well as all new posts beginning directly below this welcome message. We appreciate the time, energy, and expertise you may invest here, and look forward to engaging in intriguing and Savvy interchange with you. For more information about Brandon Partners, take a look around our Web site or follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook.


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