Communication and Selling Styles

  • Rationale – A fast-paced activity builds a case for the value of understanding the different patterns of communication and working styles used by your colleagues, bosses, direct reports, customers, and suppliers.
  • Understanding the Different Styles – Dr. Brandon shares insights about proven behavioral differences among people, based upon the SOCIAL STYLE™ model. You’ll learn about the two crucial dimensions for recognizing style differences, build appreciation of each style’s strengths, and engage in frank straight talk about how each style creates style-based tensions for others.
  • Bridging to Other Styles – Without being phony or manipulative, we can learn to lower tension, build rapport, and work more productively with people of all styles. Concrete demonstrations, style recognition drills, and a simple step-by-step method for “flexing” to other styles will ensure that the audience can bring greater range to their job-focused interactions.

[NOTE: This potent presentation is based upon the award-winning text, People Styles at Work, by Robert and Dorothy Grover Bolton. The speech is not meant to replace the behavior gains that can be derived from more formal, extended workshop training on this topic.]