Immersion Coaching

2-Day Sessions to “Kick-Start” Change


immersion coachingOur flagship Coaching Service is an intensive two-day process that, while tailored to the needs of each individual in terms of targeted goals and outcomes, follows the general process of experiences outlined below. The specific 360 multi-rater feedback instruments utilized will vary, but all coaching assignments have in common an in-depth process:

  • Candor-Based Contracting to establish rapport, safety and risk-taking
  • Pre-Coaching Preparation with Multi-Rater Feedback to foster “straight talk” and robust feedback
  • Marathon Two-Day Coaching with skill building in the interpersonal and strategic dimensions of organizational influence and impact, and
  • Follow-Up Anchoring and Sustainability through summary action plans, debriefing and optional ongoing coaching.

Candor-Based Contracting

Brandon Partners and the participant’s manager or human resources professional discuss the participant’s needs to determine the appropriateness of executive coaching, to create an optimal coaching plan (including appropriate feedback tools), and to agree upon the confidentiality requirements. All projects are contingent upon the individual’s understanding of the rationale for executive coaching and involvement in the selection of our firm. Brandon Partners requires a conversation between the participant and the coach, during which we explain our coaching process and philosophy, as well as clarify that the participant is to be the true “client” versus the sponsor, so that the person has “informed consent” regarding coach selection and experiences rapport at the outset.

Pre-Coaching Preparation with Multi-Rater Feedback

One month before the 2-day coaching session, we provide the participant with reading (Survival of the Savvy, by Brandon Partners CEO Rick Brandon, and/or People Styles at Work, by Robert and Dorothy Bolton of our strategic alliance partner Ridge Training). We also forward instructions for one to three 360-degree instruments which form the cornerstones of the coaching process:

Brandon Partners also conducts two or three 30-minute interviews with individuals key to the participant’s success and prepares specific feedback for the session.

Marathon Two-Day Coaching

The coach and participant work intensively in a location conducive to “getting away” from normal work so that self-reflection and targeted improvement/change are fostered.

Day One-Morning: The first morning is spent on building rapport, goal-setting and information-gathering:

  • Discussion of the company’s and the participant’s goals for executive coaching
  • Exploration of relevant aspects of the participant’s background through a structured exercise
  • Discussion of the telephone and informal feedback received by Brandon Partners

Day One-Afternoon: We cultivate in-depth understanding of the personalized feedback from the 360-degree assessment instrument/s used, and provide thorough grounding in the specific models connected to the tools involved through tutorial work reviewing the readings and teaching concepts. The outcome is heightened awareness of the styles of people the participant works with, as well as his/her impact on them. The Feedback Reports are dissected and the participant is given an evening assignment to reflect on the day’s feedback and awareness, so that an Action Plan can be developed to improve in key areas. [NOTE: Brandon Partners can also use the client’s own alternative in-house 360° feedback instruments, or to simply limit the feedback to telephone interview data.]

Day Two: The Action Plan and alternative resources for development are discussed, with follow-up arranged. The rest of the day involves intensive skill building customized to the individual’s unique feedback, issues and career goals. A final written Summary Action Plan and targeted skill sets results from the session, but is kept confidential.

Follow-Up Anchoring and Sustainability

This is tailored to the participant, but generally includes a written Summary Action Plan sent by the coach to the participant, a 1-hour telephone follow-up to debrief the Summary and the session, 3 hours of telephone-based or face-to-face follow-up lasting 3 to 6 months later, the participant’s sharing of the Summary Action Plan and learning with managers or Human Resources support person (with Brandon Partners subsequent suggestions for systemic support), etc.

(1) 360 Organizational Savvy Multi-Rater Feedback instrument was developed by Rick Brandon, Ph.D. and Martin Seldman, Ph.D.

(2) 360 Survey utilized is the Social Style™ Profile, through Tracom, Inc.