Ongoing Coaching

Hourly to Half-Day Sessions (Weekly or Monthly)

Ongoing Executive CoachingOften, executives simply cannot invest the time required to get away from it all for our flagship, marathon Immersion Coaching (2 days). In this case, Brandon Partners arranges for more conventional hourly coaching time frames during regular weekly, semi-weekly, or monthly conversations. We do recommend launching the coaching relationship with a half-day “grounding” session before such hourly sessions.

This ongoing Brandon Partners coaching still draws upon the following components for accelerated, sustainable change:

  • Defining growth goals and the likely boundaries of the client’s arena of performance enhancement,
  • Potent 360 assessment and feedback instruments to create self-awareness and readiness to change,
  • Linking feedback-based behavioral recommendations to the client’s organizational culture to ensure job relevance and fit,
  • Coaching in replicable skills for personal, interpersonal, and strategic changes, so that we deliver “coaching that sticks”
  • Insights on the typically untapped dimension of leadership and professional success involving organizational politics and savvy.