Organizational Savvy Multi-Rater Assessment Coaching

multiratercoachingThe Organizational Savvy Multi-Rater Assessment is a potent 360-degree feedback instrument which raises consciousness, astuteness, and skills for practicing “ethical politics” in the workplace. While this robust development tool’s 50-page Feedback Report is designed to be self-explanatory, clients can benefit from personalized debriefing and assessment interpretation from an trainer/coach of “high-integrity political tactics for career and company success.”

Brandon Partners offers one-time, targeted coaching sessions to maximize the return on investment for this intriguing, cutting edge assessment. While our 2-day Organizational Savvy Workshop includes ample time to interpret and analyze Feedback Reports, clients selecting our Organizational Savvy Briefing (Half-Day) or Organizational Savvy Clinic (1-day) often also schedule follow-up phone-based Assessment Processing for each participant.

Another application of this one-time, targeted coaching discussion is when a person independently purchases a package of our Survival of the Savvy best selling text and the Organizational Savvy Multi-Rater Assessment.

A typical Organizational Savvy Assessment teleconference coaching call includes the following components for accelerated, sustainable change:

  • Debriefing general reactions and learning from the connected workshop or book reading
  • Reviewing the major sections of the Organizational Savvy Feedback Report
  • Answering questions about specific ratings, scores, and recommendations
  • Agreeing which Savvy Skill Sets and specific items deserve attention and improvement
  • Comparing the perceptions of the four Rater Groups (managers, reports, peers, customers/clients) for major discrepancies
  • Discussing the potential meaning and political/power ramifications of such Rater Group differences
  • Targeting appropriate behavior change targets and action planning ideas taking into account company culture
  • Strategizing whether the individual might benefit from sharing the Assessment results with targeted bosses or colleagues.

View a sample 360 Degree Feedback Report.