High-Impact Presentations (1-day)

High Impact Presentations

In the classic volume, The Book of Lists, a compilation of various lists, the list of people’s most common fears identifies death as number seven (#7) and fear of public speaking as number one (#1). The comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, once observed, “What this means is that if you are at a funeral, you are better off being in the casket than delivering the eulogy!”

This fast-paced, practice-driven workshop is sometimes nicknamed the “Executive Presence Boot Camp” because participants experience an intensive, fun, physical and mental workout with several quick wind sprint type drills, as well as some longer, videotaped practices to help you master proven presentation best practices that are critical for individual, team and enterprise-wide success.

In spite of the anxiety it often triggers, regardless of function or level, giving high-impact presentations remains a cornerstone of individual and leadership success.

This workshop harnesses nervousness and re-channels it into positive energy and these sharpened skills:

  • Delivery Skills for Credibility and Impact. To control your anxiety about presenting, reduce annoying mannerisms, energize your content, and cultivate a positive image of possessing competence, confidence, commitment, authority and “positive power.”
  • Efficient Content Preparation. To understand a simple organizational framework for informational presentations and to adapt it slightly for persuasive talks.
  • Building Interaction and Involvement. To engage your audience through up-front attention-grabbers, and by building group interaction into your presentation so that you avoid a monologue where people tune out or lose interest.
  • Pumping Up Your Power Image. To know what kind of leadership power image you typically project along a Positive Power Image Continuum of Weak, Firm and Harsh, and to use nonverbal and verbal behaviors to consciously adjust how people perceive your impact.
  • Managing Questions, Resistance, and Challenging Reactions. To handle reactions with poise and control of the group and yourself, by reading the signals that people have questions and concerns, inviting input and following a proven process for credibly fielding questions and for defusing negative responses.
  • Thinking On Your Feet During Impromptu Talks. To come across as credible even when you must present ideas spontaneously, by staying calm and utilizing an “Instant Prep” tool kit that quickly relaxes you and equips you with a starting point for a substantively rich response.

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