Organizational Savvy: Avoiding Political Blind Spots

This presentation is based upon our popular Organizational Savvy workshop and Wall Street Journal best selling Survival of the Savvy, along with free access to the online 65-item Organizational Savvy Self-Assessment. Despite excellent intentions, many corporate employees, managers, and executives are too narrowly focused on their own facts, logic and analysis. Assuming our results will speak for themselves, we may become the victims of other behind-the-scenes forces operating in our organizations.

We may not build enough support for our ideas, or be blind to hidden agendas, power relationships, and the politics with which decisions are sometimes made. We could be short-changing ourselves out of career opportunities or diminishing our influence and impact. We may not receive proper credit or recognition, and may even be vulnerable to sabotage by other more power-driven colleagues or bosses.

This keynote presentation will help you to adjust your attitudes about power and politics, confront your own naiveté about organizational dynamics that are often swept under the carpet, and recognize tip-offs that you may be vulnerable. This fast-paced speech will help to prevent you from being passed over, under-estimated, rendered expendable, or even purposely blocked from implementing your ideas or being promoted. The presentation provides an “Ethical Politics Wake-Up Call” business rationale for increasing your organizational savvy, an overview to leveraging Political Styles within organizations, and an overview to 13 non-manipulative, practical strategies for navigating politics and power dynamics inherent to corporate life. You will leave empowered with ethical politics for greater organizational impact, more strategic influence and visibility, and increased career movement, while holding onto your integrity.

“Dr. Brandon is a very talented individual. His capacity for understanding one’s business, seemingly any business, and then incorporating important information into an entertaining event is superb. The audience was captivated at times, on its feet at times, and always engaged. Nobody wanted to leave the room even for a smoke break for fear you’d miss something outrageous, and beneficial. Brandon Partners will impress you immeasurably with its talented, comedic approach to your everyday business challenges and opportunities.” – Paul Frechette, SVP, Heller Financial, Inc.