Organizational Savvy Briefing

Organizational Savvy Briefing

Despite excellent intentions, many corporate employees, managers, and executives are so narrowly focused on their own facts, logic, and task part of their jobs that they lack broader influence and impact. Assuming their “results will speak for themselves”, they may become the victims of other “behind-the-scenes” forces operating in their organizations.

This high-energy intensive mini-workshop adjusts attitudes about power and politics, confronts naiveté about organizational dynamics often swept under the carpet, and helps you to implement your ideas. An influence-savvy, agile leadership cadre demands state-of-the-art political skills and a positive power base that stems from ethical lobbying, credibility, and strategic alliances, navigating informal channels, addressing hidden agendas, and handling sabotage.

This half-day session is usually part of a blended learning solution –– combined with the Organizational Savvy Self-Assessment or Multi-Rater Assessment, follow-up telephone coaching to further debrief one’s Assessment Feedback Report, and the bestseller book, Survival of the Savvy (Free Press, 2004).


Fit good deal of material in one day. Opened my eyes to some key self-analysis to assist me in obtaining my career goals… Absolutely outstanding-thank you. At a crossroads in my career and I truly believe you and this class… “Fireman’s Fund”

Various Participants
Fireman's Fund

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  • Business Rationale and a Positive Definition of Organizational Politics - People who say they don't want to play the game, ARE playing it, just on the losing end since abandoning the political arena isn't the answer.
  • Politics Tip Offs - Are you under-estimating organizational politics in your success? Here, you will learn the signals and clues that politics are vital and present in your organization and take the pulse of your company's political health.
  • Two Political Styles - With the Style Strengths Finder Checklist, you will learn various Political Styles’ strengths and preferences about power, politics, promotion, image, and ambition. You will recognize the risks of each Political Style taken to the extreme –– with liabilities to the individual, one's team, and enterprise. This will help you leverage your strengths, guard against style weaknesses, influence associates of any Political Style, and protect yourself against Overly Political or Under-Political (yes!) bosses, peers, clients, or direct reports.
  • Savvy Strategies Overview - You will receive an overview to 13 vital Organizational Savvy Skills Sets –– practical, non-manipulative strategies for ethical influence and impact. You will debrief your scoring report from either the 65-item Organizational Savvy Self-Assessment or the Multi-Rater Assessment featuring feedback from up to 16 respondents. You can read more about each strategy in the best selling course text, Survival of the Savvy.
  • Organizational Savvy Case Study - Real situations, real-world problems, and real solutions explored through an integrative case study to reinforce the Political Styles and Savvy Skills learned.

Workshop Testimonials about the impact of our core Organizational Savvy workshops.

1-Day or 2-Day Program Options

We also offer the Organizational Savvy 1-Day Clinic and Organizational Savvy 2-day Workshop, which most clients select because they need more than an awareness level overview of the 13 Savvy Skills and want to experience in-depth treatment and practice of these essential influence and impact strategies. Preview the 1-day Clinic Modules or 2-day Workshop Modules to see how our longer designs transcend the business rationale for ethical politics and knowledge of Political Styles gained in the 1/2-day Briefing to provide a deeper grounding and many more concrete takeaway actions and behaviors.