It was really good, probably one of the best yet. One of the reasons was that it is very applicable to the real day, every day life within [company name]… I couldn’t even offer a suggestion to make it better, as every exercise and case study we did in addition to the daily course material and lectures was applicable and taught us something….I heard it was you who contacted BRANDON PARTNERS to put this course together. What an accurate sense of what training is needed…There were many changes that I am going to take back and implement immediately…an enlightening program. Critical skills for survival in large organizations… I used nearly all the tips. It was a great success and I am very grateful to you. In addition, your training about lobbying has worked well—something I’d never used before but now always try to remember…Irrefutably, I feel awakened and will strive to become more aware, understanding, tolerant, flexible, and responsive toward the political environment and people with ‘person power’…I shall overcome! My goal in life is to continuously improve and reinvent myself as a lifelong learner, this course has had a profound impact on me and my future!!!”… the best management course I have taken in the past ten years…informative, inspiring, enthusiastic, captivating, knowledgeable, and impressive…brilliant. I have learned a great deal about corporate social graces, which I will benefit from for the rest of my career. I would recommend this course to anyone… one of the few classes we have attended that I feel everyone was not only impressed with, but also affected and influenced by. I feel more confident and aware in the workplace now.