Trainer Certification

Certifying Your Trainers

The following Trainer Certification Process for Organizational Savvy and Interpersonal Savvy programs depends upon factors such as program length, experience of Trainer Candidates, location of the certification, and travel or cost constraints. We work flexibly with clients to reach agreement about the Briefing and Coaching stage lengths and feasibility of the Co-Training stage as outlined below.

  • Participant Stage – Candidates attend the course (half-day, 1-day, 1.5-day, or 2 days) with other Trainer Candidates at the normal in-house fee.
  • Briefing Stage – Candidates are familiarized with the Trainer Guide, either through an orientation day or in 60-90-minute debriefing sessions after Day One and Day Two of the Participant Stage program.
  • Coaching Stage – Tutorial “teach-back” sessions occur in rehearsal fashion, with plenty of feedback and supportive critique as Trainer Candidates deliver assigned modules to a Master Trainer in the same sequence in which they occur during the workshop. A Master Trainer works with up to four client Trainer Candidates. We recommend a minimum of one Coaching Day to ground Candidates in the ½ or 1-day design or two Coaching Days to ground Candidates in the 1.5-day or 2-day design.
  • Co-Training Stage – Trainer Candidates deliver in an in-house workshop for up to 20 participants with the Brandon Partners Master Trainer observing and providing extensive end-of-day feedback and critique. The normal delivery fee for a regular workshop is supplemented with an overtime fee per day (1 or 2 days). Usually, Trainer Candidates are deemed ready to teach the program or a reasonable “leap of faith” is made and clients simply order materials, which are sent at our usual Licensing and Materials rate per person.

View an excerpt from the 265-page Trainer’s Manual for the Organizational Savvy workshop.

Becoming Certified As A Licensed Broker

Besides the above process for in-house client company trainers to learn to deliver Organizational Savvy, Brandon Partners also certifies independent training practitioners and training firms who wish to offer this intriguing, unique program to their clients. We are currently expanding our international broker network of certified Affiliate Consultants who are licensed to market and sell this popular program.

To become certified, you will first participate in a mutual Fit Factors Discussion with Dr. Rick Brandon, program author and Brandon Partners President. Once we agree that forging a strategic alliance would be a win-win learning partnership, you will attend a 3-day Affiliate Consultants Certification Workshop where you’ll learn to teach and sell the course. Then you’ll simply order your own branded workshop materials under our Participant Licensing and Materials Fee arrangement.

We invite you to contact us to discuss joining our exclusive pool of learning professionals who market and deliver Organizational Savvy around the world ( or 415-389-4740). You can also learn more by clicking below.