Straight Talk Self-Assessment

Gauging Your Interpersonal Influence Skills

The Straight Talk Skills Self-Assessment gauges communication skills you can learn by attending a Straight Talk workshop through your company or by reading Straight Talk: Influence Skills for Collaboration and Commitment. You’ll receive the online version of this instrument if your company places a Bulk Book Order or offers a Straight Talk course. Or, you can instead download a PDF self-scored Straight Talk Assessment whether or not you read the book or attend the program. All Assessments yield a personalized Scoring Report that compares your pre-learning and post-learning scores and provides robust and practical recommendations. You can also purchase the online version yourself.

What is the Straight Talk Skills Assessment? This 15-minute Skills Assessment is a quick, web-based 42-item rating instrument that yields an Overall Straight Talk Score and seven separate Skill Set Scores:
√ Straight Talk Mindset
√ Assertive Speaking
√ Active Listening
√ G.A.I.N.-ing Commitment
√ Advising and Guiding
√ Rough Conversations: Defusing Emotionality
√ Cultivating a Straight Talk Environment

The robust 10-page Scoring Report provides a profile of your strong points and gaps, with detailed coaching and guidance. For each of the seven Straight Talk Skill Sets, you’ll receive:
√ A list of the seven assessment items that comprise the Skill Set (42 items total)
√ Your Skill Set numerical score and performance rating as Proficient, Capable, or Vulnerable
√ A comparison of your perceived Skill Set performance before and after the course or book
√ An explanation of the Skill Set’s purpose and impact
√ An interpretation of your score for that Skill Set
√ Specific pointers and recommendations for improvement

Who Is It Aimed At? The Straight Talk Skills Assessment is meant for executives, managers, professionals, or individual contributors who want to measure their skill level and better understand the components of positive communication in organizational settings.

What’s the Take-Away Value? You’ll discover any blind spots you have in the arena of Straight Talk Skills. You will reinforce many aspects of the Straight Talk book or course simply by rating yourself on each Skill Set item. Finally, regardless of how well you currently function, the recommendations for improvement in the Scoring Report will kick-start your journey to even greater interpersonal savvy.