Self Talk: The Inner Game of Success

Self Talk has also been referred to as our mind set, attitudes, internal dialogue, inner belief systems or the “automatic mind chatter” that goes on continually … while we’re awake, daydreaming, or sleeping. Self Talk has been shown to contribute to our stress management, our emotional health, our physical well-being, and our overall performance on the job.

This 1 to 2 hour presentation provides an overview of the power of your thoughts and will raise your awareness on how this internal dialogue can help you succeed if used as a positive influence.

  • Definition of Self Talk – The automatic internal dialogue we all have is positioned as capable of being controlled, borrowing from the fields of sports psychology, sales training, and brain research.
  • Dynamics of Self Talk – The powerful, automatic self-programming nature of Self Talk is illustrated. The Self Talk Cycle is described, showing how thoughts and beliefs influence emotions, leading to changes in actions, and ultimately impacting results.
  • How to Change Your Self Talk – Rick gives a simple ABCD formula for altering counterproductive attitudes: Awareness, Belief in Change, Choosing Specific Strategies, and Doing It Through Practice.
  • Eight Self Talk Strategies – Dr. Brandon shows how the stressful world of business and selling demands practical techniques that can be used real time in the field. Rick uses sales, humor, sports, and history to teach long-range strategies and a Self Talk First Aid Kit for in-the-moment adjustments to mental “trash talking”.

“I was impressed with the balance of motivation, education, and humor you used to deliver your message. The key is our sales organization really connected with you. I have never had so many positive comments about a self improvement and motivational speaker as I did this year from your presentation.” – Mike Wilcox, VP Quadramed