The Mindset of Accountability

With an experiential exercise, Rick presents two ways to face obstacles: The Victim or Accountability Mind Set. He shares research and inspiration that links success to taking ownership and helps people move “from whining to winning” by letting go of cop-outs and embracing accountability.

The qualities of a performer who has a victim posture versus a producer with a healthier posture of accountability are outlined. Dr. Brandon points the direction for how to overcome the speed bumps that plague today’s workforce using examples from the world of humor, literature, sales, sports, and business.

This speech is an ideal partner presentation to Self Talk: The Inner Game of Success. It is often followed by brainstorming and action-planning to address various job-focused obstacles and challenges. Because the audience’s attitudes about challenges and frustrations have been adjusted, many organizations find that people are able to more constructively create ways to attack, adapt, or accept problems that previously seemed totally out of their sphere of influence.

“This was really very helpful yesterday and gave me some real hope…I was floundering a bit how that I am a part of a large company. I’m a smart guy and fast learner, good with analysis and languages, but nobody teaches you this language and analysis skill set. You threw me a valuable line. I thank you.” – Alan Amberg, Regional HIV Specialist, Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy