Organizational and Interpersonal Savvy

Leadership and Workplace Competencies

Brandon Partners is a global training firm that cultivates the cutting edge leadership development workplace competencies of Organizational and Political Savvy, and strengthens the classic business competency of Interpersonal Savvy.

Since so few proven programs constructively address organizational politics and positive power, we made high-integrity political savvy our core business. Brandon Partners is the preeminent thought leader on transforming organizational politics from a taboo topic to an ethical and motivating channel for strategic influence and leadership effectiveness. Our history is rooted in Organizational Savvy, but we also specialize in Straight Talk  courses to shape interpersonal skills into a competitive advantage that drives results and accountability.

Why Organizational Savvy?

Our Organizational Savvy courses teach skills for navigating company politics and power dynamics with integrity. This cutting edge competency wasn’t on the leadership map 20 years ago, but now is mission-critical for achieving these business needs:

  • Enhance leadership bench strength and agility
  • Expand Strategic Influence and Organizational Impact
  • Build high-integrity cultures free from scandals
  • Foster career growth and employee retention
  • ​Empower all functions as strategic partners
  • Strengthen diversity and inclusion

Workshops to Develop Organizational Savvy

Survival of the Savvy

Why Interpersonal Savvy?

Our Interpersonal Savvy courses transcend typical “touchy-feely charm school” training. We convert soft skills into hard results –– by honing world-class communication and self-management skills that fulfill these business needs:

  • Increase results and accountability
  • Expand Interpersonal Influence to sell ideas
  • Reduce stress and time-draining people problems
  • Enhance communication and engagement
  • Improve self-regulation and emotional control
  • Stimulate innovation

Workshops to Develop Interpersonal Savvy

Straight Talk - Influence Skills

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“It was one of the best classes I’ve ever attended, but I’m sure you hear that all the time … Kept me engaged the ENTIRE two days … Excellent course and materials that can all be used … “The most engaging and interactive virtual course in the marketplace … No falling asleep here!”

Various Participants, Fortune 5 Banks, Fortune 500 Insurance Company