Organizational Savvy for Women

Organizational Savvy for Women

Brandon Partners’ popular Organizational Savvy workshop has now been customized for the influence challenges faced by women executives. This provocative material hits attendees where they live and is available as our:


I am amazed at what I am taking away…great reminder of how to best effect change in myself and my environment…facilitator was extremely effective, the best at Constellation…without a doubt the best course I have ever taken…helped me to see… “Constellation Energy”

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Shattering the Glass Ceiling

The Challenge for Corporate Women

Many women under-estimate the ways that their attitudes and actions about power and politics impact their job success, career, and team’s influence within their companies. They may define power differently, dislike traditional power versus collaborative power, or people or positions involving positional or autocratic power.

Research shows that men are promoted more based upon their future potential while women receive promotions more based upon their past track record. Yet, even as little girls, females are often more likely to be taught not to brag or talk about their accomplishments –– a real double bind.

In some organizations, corporate "buzz" or gossip that is harmful to women’s mobility and impact can stem from the tendency to speak in more nurturing ways, wisely ask for directions to avoid inefficiencies and use language that softens their stance to be less absolutist. Sadly, these habits may result in labels like "needy", "doesn't take a stand" or "pushover", or even make them targets of sabotage.

This workshop is a specially - customized version of our popular Organizational Savvy aimed at empowering women in business to break through barriers to advancement, influence and impact due to gender norms.

"I wanted to compliment you on a truly world-class presentation. I have attended literally hundreds of training session, the majority in various leadership development topics. In my opinion, your session was definitely one of the best I have ever participated in. Beyond the fact that your are an entertaining and enthusiastic expert, the content is practical, actionable, and extremely engaging. Nothing beats the combination of a great presenter with interesting and thought-provoking content." - Karen Petit, Corporate Communications Manager, Firemen's Fund

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