High-Impact Presentations – Workshop Outline

Two trainers teach this practice-driven, video-based workshop building on program pre work that asks participants to prepare an Informational or Persuasive Presentation.


Open and Overview

We present the program’s driving business needs, learning goals, agenda, and methods as we build the learning community.

Videotaped Self-Introductions

Participant are videotaped introducing themselves with a structured format and this presentation serves as a baseline of their delivery behaviors and skills.

Presentation Delivery Best Practices

We share the classic standards for presenting with impact and credibility as participants rate themselves on a self-assessment sheet.

View Introductory Videotapes With Feedback

The two trainers each take half the group to review the morning baseline videos, provide feedback about strengths and growth areas, and help participants target their presentation delivery goals.

Organizing and Enriching Content

We teach tactics for organizing and writing presentation content, formats for informational and persuasive presentations, audience analysis criteria, strategies for making your presentation interactive, and tips for optimizing visual aids.

Making Presentations Interactive: The Communication Cycle

We teach standards for assertive, motivating, and credible Speaking Skills, Checking Questions, and Active Listening Skills for making informal, committee-oriented presentations more involving. Participants practice interactive presenting in pairs using the same content that they will deliver more formally in the afternoon.


“Big Presentation” Videotape Practice

In two subgroups, participants integrate and apply all of the morning skills to deliver a longer presentation and receive in-depth video feedback from a trainer and the group in a supportive, learning atmosphere.

Handling Questions, Resistance and Challenges

Participant return to the larger group to learn a method for handling the stress of thinking on their feet during Question and Answer periods. We demonstrate strategies for maintaining group control even under pressure, and participants practice the techniques.

Spontaneous Presentations

Participants are given tips for impromptu talks and are challenged with presenting on the spot without any preparation during a fun, high-energy closing drill in which they must speak on a random, surprise topic.


Participants review their learning and target next steps for their development and impact.

“I never spend less than two weeks on a good impromptu presentation.” – Mark Twain