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Leadership Development – Organizational and Political Savvy

Brandon Partners is a global training firm that cultivates the cutting edge leadership development and workplace competencies of Organizational and Political Savvy. Since so few proven programs constructively address organizational politics and positive power, we made high-integrity political savvy and strategic influence our core business.

Through corporate and public sector Workshops, Trainer Certification, our Wall Street Journal best selling Survival of the Savvy Book, online Skills Assessments, Keynote Presentations, and Executive Coaching, Brandon Partners has become the preeminent thought leader on transforming organizational politics from a taboo topic to an ethical, intriguing, and motivating channel for individual and organizational effectiveness.

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Dr. Rick Brandon: Why Organizational Savvy is Vital in Business

Business Needs Behind Organizational Savvy

Organizational Savvy involves healthy attitudes about organizational politics and power, along with high-integrity political skills for increased organizational influence and impact. You can learn more about the critical Business Drivers behind our many clients’ decisions to use our learning solutions, such as:

  • Enhanced Leadership Bench Strength – especially during a downturn, after a merger, or for high-potentials.
  • Expanded Influence – by transcending the typical interpersonal dimension of influence to address the strategic dimension of influence, as described in the Influence Pyramid Monograph.
  • Better Employee Retention - since people won’t quit and leave due to negative politics, or worse–– quit and stay!
  • Upgraded Technical Role Effectiveness - so IT, R&D, and Finance functions gain influence without authority as strategic business partners “at the table” with stakeholders and cross-organizational teams.
  • Strengthened Diversity Programs - as marginalized groups learn to appropriately shatter the glass ceiling.
  • More Positive Political Cultures - as overly political styles tone down destructive actions and ethical but under-political styles gain positive power.
  • Bolstered Ethics Programs- since even the most ethical leaders still may not know how to trust the right people, detect deception, manage sabotage, or prevent company scandal.
  • Career Management - to help good, competent, and loyal people gain leadership roles in high-integrity corporations.