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Workshop Testimonials

To fill a specific need, Brandon Partners recently created a 2-day customized course, ‘Organizational Savvy and Executive Presence’ for use in our division. The course material, content, and delivery were exceptional. The participants from the first session have spread the word that this is one of the best courses they have ever taken

Client, Director of Training

Fortune 5 Bank

Learners were most impressed with the tactics, tips and strategies provided in handling political situations. Group discussions and case studies allowed for improved political self-awareness, and provided a practical application of tactics and tips. The Org Savvy workshop was a useful and engaging learning experience that instilled confidence in the learners. The effects of the course are predicted to have significant impact on the workplace dynamics within TDBFG.

Department Training Report

Toronto Dominion Bank

This has been one of the most applicable and helpful courses I have taken…This is a “must have” course for all managers…found the stories relevant, on point, and useful…Politics and networking were negative to me before. Now I certainly am clear on the power of both….Gave me very practical tips and techniques to understand, deal with and leverage politics in all walks of life…Kept everyone energized! I rarely give top scores but (instructor) deserved them!

Various Participants

Discover Financial Services

Absolutely phenomenal! Very helpful, useful information. I liked the Ethical Lobbying exercise because I was able to accomplish steps towards an idea/assignment… “Great analogies and creative balance of participation and instructional didactic. Great info, never heard the topic discussed before, thanks!”…“This opened my eyes so much and made me reevaluate some of my beliefs and opinions. I also really liked the real life examples used.

Various Participants


Can't think of a vendor relationship I value more highly … The course material, content and delivery were exceptional. The participants … have spread the word that this was one of the best courses they have ever taken. Our offerings are filling fast. Wow … could you ask for anything more. Cheers and congratulations on yet another 'home run.'

Client training manager


Thank you for an awesome class! I have taken into my heart and put into practice the techniques and lessons I learned from the experience.



Fit good deal of material in one day. Opened my eyes to some key self-analysis to assist me in obtaining my career goals… Absolutely outstanding-thank you. At a crossroads in my career and I truly believe you and this class has provided me with valuable concepts/tools that will help me.

Various Participants

Fireman's Fund

This is one of the best corporate training courses that I have attended ever, considering I worked for several major companies which invested substantial resources and place high priorities on in-house training. … Thanks for the wonderful work.


Apple Computer

… thank you for such a majestic and educational training session last week Irrefutably, I feel awakened and will strive to become more aware, understanding, tolerant, flexible, and responsive toward the political environment… This course has had a profound impact on me and my future.


Fortune 10 Bank

Very insightful, practical and useful. Real food for thought…excellent, engaging, knowledgeable trainer…really interesting eye-opener that will definitely help me in my work life!…Provided insight on what to look for in a political game…one of the best courses at Autodesk…Instructor was amazing, he was engaging the whole time…the instructor was phenomenally dynamic. Got us out of our seat participating…Smart, engaging, fun, knowledgeable, confident. Fantastic facilitator!

Various Participants


It was really good, probably one of the best yet. One of the reasons was that it is very applicable to the real day, every day life within [company name]… I couldn’t even offer a suggestion to make it better, as every exercise and case study we did in addition to the daily course material and lectures was applicable and taught us something….I heard it was you who contacted BRANDON PARTNERS to put this course together. What an accurate sense of what training is needed…There were many changes that I am going to take back and implement immediately…an enlightening program. Critical skills for survival in large organizations… I used nearly all the tips. It was a great success and I am very grateful to you. In addition, your training about lobbying has worked well—something I’d never used before but now always try to remember…Irrefutably, I feel awakened and will strive to become more aware, understanding, tolerant, flexible, and responsive toward the political environment and people with ‘person power’…I shall overcome! My goal in life is to continuously improve and reinvent myself as a lifelong learner, this course has had a profound impact on me and my future!!!”… the best management course I have taken in the past ten years…informative, inspiring, enthusiastic, captivating, knowledgeable, and impressive…brilliant. I have learned a great deal about corporate social graces, which I will benefit from for the rest of my career. I would recommend this course to anyone… one of the few classes we have attended that I feel everyone was not only impressed with, but also affected and influenced by. I feel more confident and aware in the workplace now.

Various Participants


This course is the single most beneficial course I have taken in my Caremark career. (Instructor) was inspiring and created an extremely safe learning environment…Best course I've ever taken!…This was a breakthrough course for me as an individual as well as professional. It helped tap into my inner conflicts and arm myself with the tools to battle them…wish I took this class 20 years ago…a different perception to self-promote and enhance power image…The most important and valuable class I have ever taken…Changed my opinion of politics, acceptance, reality…A wealth of understanding, interest and value to the presentation of organizational savvy…I really appreciated the honesty and courage to speak about unpopular subjects. Thank you for a humbling experience. Our company will be a much better place because of it…happy and honored to have taken it…I learned that business politics is not necessarily something negative, but can be used in a positive forum to better the chances of achieving business goals…The section on Ethical Lobbying fueled my passion…

Various Participants

CVS Caremark

It was one of the best classes I’ve ever attended, but I’m sure you hear that all the time… kept me engaged the ENTIRE two days. No falling asleep here! Excellent course and materials can all be used within this company. I would definitely send my managers to this course…Fabulous experience. Want to share with others and hope to make an awesome impact in my career!…Excellent material enhanced by excellent training presentation. Loved the energy and the intuition…Great info for subject I had neglected before. The instructor was FANTASTIC!…Totally awesome course. I will definitely use the tools and skills.

Various Participants

Fortune 10 Bank

I am amazed at what I am taking away…great reminder of how to best effect change in myself and my environment…facilitator was extremely effective, the best at Constellation…without a doubt the best course I have ever taken…helped me to see that I can be more of an asset…extremely charismatic and exciting…this class is a must for anyone seeking to increase their upward mobility and advancement…will enable me to manage perceptions about me better and then to help inspire my effectiveness

Various Participants

Constellation Energy