Skills Assessment

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Do you possess the skills for ethically navigating organizational politics?

Under-political people equate all company politics with evil, sleazy tactics and avoid entering the arena at all. They often wind up surrendering power, influence, and resources to overly political colleagues. Now you can assess your current ability to use ethical political savvy and learn how to gain organizational impact with integrity.

We offer two types of assessments: the Organizational Savvy Self-Assessment and the Organizational Savvy Multi-Rater Assessment.

  • Gauge your performance in high-integrity organizational politics.
  • Rate yourself on 65 items across 13 skill sets.
  • Get a personalized Scoring Profile of your savvy strengths and weaknesses.
  • Review the robust, 15-page Interpretation Guide.
  • Tap into 65 concrete actions needed for organizational impact with integrity.
  • Learn practical tips for increasing your Organizational Savvy.

In addition to all of the features from the self-assessment, this robust 360-degree online instrument provides a 50-page feedback report with tips for improving in 13 categories of High-Integrity Organizational Politics. You will receive in-depth feedback and recommendations based upon the differences between your self-ratings and scores from four Rater Groups: your Managers, your Direct Reports, your Colleagues, and your Clients/Customers (internal or external).